Frequently Asked Questions

When was Hammacher Schlemmer founded?

Hammacher Schlemmer opened for business in New York City, in 1848, thirteen years before the Civil War began.

Does Hammacher Schlemmer have retail stores?

Virtually every product you see on the pages of our print catalog and on our web site is also on display at our New York flagship store. Our knowledgeable sales associates can answer any of your questions and will even be happy to demonstrate any of the products that you are interested in. Visit us when you're in New York and experience "The Best, The Only and The Unexpected" for yourself. Store Location

How can I get a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog?

You can request a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog on-line or simply call 1-800-283-9400 for a free subscription.

How are products selected for inclusion in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog?

Our buyers have one mission: To find high quality, functional products-products that are unique and innovative, that solve everyday problems and further the lifestyle of our customers.

What every-day household products did Hammacher Schlemmer introduce to the American public?

Since 1848, Hammacher Schlemmer has introduced leading edge technology to the consumer. Many of these products that were initially intriguing are now found in almost every home in America. Here are just a few of our product introductions: The Pop-Up Toaster, 1930The Electric Dry Shaver, 1934The Steam Iron, 1948The Microwave Oven, 1968The Telephone Answering Machine, 1968The First Flat Panel Television, 1997

What is the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute?

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute is a not-for-profit corporation established in 1983, to research, test and rate products objectively and without commercial bias. The Institute regularly tests products to help customers make informed buying decisions. After extensive side-by-side comparison testing of products within a specific category, the model that outperforms all others in tests for functionality, ease of use, and features earns The Best rating.