The Acoustic Resonance Massage Chair.

This is the acoustic chair that provides a resonant, vibrating massage that soothes and relaxes the upper and lower back, thighs--even the palms of your hands--when the 60 brass strings integrated into its seat back are strummed. Made in Germany and inspired by Medieval Scandinavian cradles that had strings on the bottom for soothing infants, the chair is crafted from 3/4" thick beech ply sanded smooth and finished in natural wood oil. Played by another while you sit comfortably, the 30 plain and 30 wound piano strings span the entire vertical length of the 38 1/2" backrest and are uncoated for clear, unmuffled sound while generating the frequencies ideal for relaxing acoustic massage. The strings are tuned to B (can be tuned up two whole steps to D) with the plain, unwound strings tuned one octave higher than the wound strings, producing a rich, zither-like monochord that generates a relaxing drone. The "ears" of the chair create a special resonance chamber, and two adjustable wooden armrests that attach to each side have smooth balls on the end for your palms; when the strings are played, the vibration can be felt in the wrist, palms, and fingertips. Includes tuning key. Chair 53" H x 22" W; Seat 22" W x 16" D. (100 lbs.)

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The Acoustic Resonance Massage Chair.
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