The Smartphone Etiquette Biofeedback Trainer.

This is the harness that trains obsessive smartphone users to curb bad habits that can lead to public ridicule and personal injury. Conceived by a world-renowned animal behavioralist and a Balkan finishing school headmistress, the harness fits comfortably yet unobtrusively over clothing and contains a virtually undetectable bioelectric stimulation module. Using a free app that teams with a smartphone’s accelerometer, the device helps correct socially unacceptable or illegal behaviors such as having a conversation during a movie, texting while driving, or checking personal messages during business meetings. Any of these or 63 other verboten activities trigger the device to send a gentle 1300-volt correction that gradually teaches users proper smartphone etiquette. In controlled studies by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, 87.6% of surviving panelists reported a marked improvement in their behavior after just three weeks of wearing the harness. For additional protection, an integrated motion sensor detects when one is walking and texting simultaneously and sends a preemptive alert if you approach an oncoming object. Not for use in pool, shower, or by those with pacemakers. Includes one 3-volt lithium watch battery. Unisex sizes S-L. (6 1/2 oz.)

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The Smartphone Etiquette Biofeedback Trainer.
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