The Human Powered Car.

This is the hybrid vehicle powered by electricity generated by human effort. Its on-board power generator transfers the mechanical energy produced by pulling its four two-handed rowing bars into 2,500 watts of electrical energy. The four bars are pulled by up to four operators who sit in pairs back-to-back (or all-forward seating as an option). Each pull replicates the firing cycle of a four-cylinder engine—the bars are geared to follow a timed sequence, eliminating the need for operators to synchronize their efforts. When operators become fatigued and need a rest, the stored electricity powers the engine to a maximum speed of 60 mph. The step-over composite and metal body design safely ensconces passengers. Steering is provided via a standard wheel or a patented chassis that uses shifting passenger body weight to apply torque to a rotating shaft that in turn controls the angle of the front wheels; four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes included. The car's generator is “power agnostic”—it can be upgraded as future battery and motor technologies advance—but its basic operation remains unmodified, eliminating designed obsolescence and ensuring a full century of use. It can also power portable electronics or serve as an uninterruptible power source. Made in the U.S. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. Please call 1-800-227-3528 for details. 11' L x 5' W x 5' H. (960 lbs.)

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Price $60,000
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The Human Powered Car.
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