The Temperature Regulating Blanket.

Using patented technology developed for NASA, this is the blanket that absorbs, stores, and releases heat to prevent chills or overheating that can result in restlessness. Imbedded in the blanket are millions of invisible microcapsules that absorb excess heat when you are hot and release the stored heat when you are cold, ensuring a comfortable temperature and humidity. The temperature regulating technology is ideal for couples with varying body temperatures, as it will adjust to each sleeper's individual micro-climate. The wool blanket is made from 51% Merino wool - considered the world's finest, softest wool - and 49% acrylic, and its chevron weave pattern accentuates the soft, smooth feel. The blanket is naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, and machine-washable. Imported. Natural, Prairie Green, White, Chianti, Silver Taupe, Bold Blue.

The Temperature Regulating Blanket.
King. 108" W x 96" L. (4 3/4 lbs.)
Item 83742
Price $189.95
The Temperature Regulating Blanket (Queen).
Queen. 90" L x 96" W. (1 1/2 lbs.)
Item 83499
Price $169.95
The Temperature Regulating Blanket (Full).
Full. 96" L x 80" W. (1 lb.)
Item 83745
Price $139.95
The Temperature Regulating Blanket (Twin).
Twin. 96" L x 66" W. (1 lb.)
Item 83747
Price $119.95
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