The Spectator's Binocular Glasses.

These are the binocular glasses that help bring the finer details of a theatrical performance or sporting event into clear view. Eliminating the need to hold binoculars, the hands-free glasses have 2.1X magnification and individually focusable objective lenses (+/-3 diopters) that focus from 10' to infinity, helping you see details of a stage actor’s costume or an athlete’s jersey nameplate from any seat. Made by Eschenbach, renowned purveyors of precision eyewear in Germany since 1913, the glasses’ lenses have a bright, wide 20 field-of-view and their frosted housing eliminates distracting reflections. The glasses weigh merely 4 oz. and have flexible plastic temples and a molded bridge, ensuring comfort during extended wear. The included zippered hard case fits in a jacket pocket and provides reliable protection. Not intended for those with astigmatism or people with corrective lens prescriptions below -3.00 diopters or above 3.00 diopters. 6 1/2" L x 3 3/4" W x 2" D. (4 oz.)



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The Spectator's Binocular Glasses

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