The Personalized Bobblehead.

This is the personalized bobblehead novelty that features the unique facial features of a family member, friend, or foe. Artisans sculpt a poly-clay model head from a photograph you submit online of your subject, taking up to three full weeks to capture the subtle facial contour, eye, smile, and hair nuances that reflect his or her unique character. The head is matched to your choice of one of over 100 body types that represent your subject’s clothing, talents, or hobbies. A proofing service provides the opportunity to preview the head-sculpting process to ensure that every detail provides an uncanny likeness.

Customers will receive a boxed gift card. The gift card must be redeemed online, along with front and side view digital photos. 7" H x 2 1/2" Diam. (4 oz.).


1. Visit vendor's website at
2. Enter the Gift Card code received and provide your contact information.
3. Choose a body style for your bobble head (over 100 styles to choose from).
4. Upload your digital photos.
5. You will be emailed in 1-2 weeks with an invitation to preview photos of your personalized bobble head online.
6. Approve your bobblehead design.
7. Receive your hand sculpted bobble head in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Item 87181
Price $119.95
Available for Immediate Shipment.
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