The Best Heated Blanket.

This heated blanket earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it produced the most consistent heat and was the most comfortable. The Best Heated Blanket’s temperature varied by an average of less than 1.57° F across its entire surface, resulting in a temperature consistency that was 56% better than other models. The included controller (two on Queen and King sizes) has 10 heat settings and it remembers the most recent setting and automatically heats to this level whenever the blanket is turned on. Unlike other blankets that had scratchy fabric and heavy inner wires, The Best model is made with 100% soft polyester and was rated the highest for comfort, leading panelists to describe it as having a “very soft, velvety feeling” and lauding it for not being “too thin or too thick”. The Best Heated Blanket withstood repeated cycles in a washing machine without pilling or fraying. With 10-hour automatic shut off. Mushroom, Walnut, or Garnet.

The Best Heated Blanket.
King. 100" L x 90" W. (8 1/2 lbs.)
Item 88762
Price $179.95
The Best Heated Blanket (Queen).
90" L x 84" W. (71/2 lbs.)
Item 88775
Price $139.95
The Best Heated Blanket (Full).
72" L x 84" W. (53/4 lbs.)
Item 88937
Price $119.95
We regret that this item is no longer available.
The Best Heated Blanket (Twin).
62" L x 84" W. (5 lbs.)
Item 88938
Price $99.95
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