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    Care for your feet with men’s and women’s slippers from Hammacher Schlemmer. Each unique design is specially engineered, to give the comfort you need – let aching feet be a distant memory.

    Pair comfort with style with ‘The Lady’s Indoor/Outdoor Neuropathy Slippers’ with included gel inserts which that provide relief to those with diabetic neuropathy.

    Recommended by podiatrists, ‘The Gentlemaen’s Walk on Air Indoor/Outdoor Slipper’ allows tired feet to rest on a cushion of air bubbles.

    Experience durable Australian sheepskin slippers that offer exceptional comfort and warmth with our ‘Androscoggin Sheepskin Slippers’ with extra insole padding for a cushioned feel.

    Great for everyday use, our superior outdoor and house slippers deliver the comfort they and durability.

    Browse through our collection for shearing slippers, scuff slippers, and more.