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    Indulge your child’s futuristic fantasy with Hammacher Schlemmer’s unique range of robotic toys and games.

    Explore our RC toys and RC robots - drive battle toy robots on the walls, windows and ceilings with vacuum-powered RC Wall Climbing Battle Tanks.

    Even children as young as 3 years old can build their own robot with The Award Winning STEM Starter Robot Kit. Older kids can cleverly customize with 838 interlocking pieces of ‘The Creative Configurable Truck,’ or create their own robotic pet with The Robotic Animal Creation Kit.

    A classic toy designed to boost creativity, ‘The Motorized Erector Set’ enables budding engineers to build 25 unique models of cranes, airplanes with propellers, and more.

    Just for fun, ‘The Glow In The Dark Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts’ let two players engage in a demolition duel to unseat the opponent’s driver.

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