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April 7, 2021

Building A Better Birding Backyard

Spring Series: Pest Control

Our feathered friends have returned from their self-imposed exile and it’s the perfect time to reward their long flights with food and cheer that would make any bird feel welcome. Fortunately, we at Hammacher Schlemmer have a selection of items that cater to this simple pleasure.

The Avian Oasis provides a base of safety that attracts birds by combining a feeder, bath, and fountain into one. The Hummingbird And Song Bird Feeder splits a column into two chambers – one for seed and one for nectar – allowing you to enjoy both a view of stationary feeding and constant movement.

Once birds have learned your yard is a place of rest, play, and safety, The Widest Field Of View Binoculars offers a perfect view of finch, junco, jay, or warbler with 4X magnification and a 900’ field-of-view at 1,000 yards, allowing you to spot birds as they fly from the cover of a hedge or shrub to your feeder.

And, because domestic mammals and other varmints aren’t necessarily friendly to birds, you can position The Cordless Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller in a key location to deter any would-be egg thieves from disturbing nesting boxes or birdhouses. Combining its use with The Animal Repelling Sprinkler provides a first line of defense against marauding cats and raccoons that can make birds skittish and scarce.

And just because you enjoy feeding and watching birds doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy birds of a different kind for dinner! Depending upon the type of avian visiting your yard, The Superior Vertical Chicken Roasting Pan places a chicken, capon, guinea hen, or any other fowl upright for optimal roasting.

Keep these ideas and more in-mind as you plan your backyard paradise!