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The Cold War Doppelfernrohr

This is the restored periscope binocular typical of devices used for Cold War-era observation along the Berlin Wall. Known as the Richtungsweiser-Doppelfernrohr 10x50, it was crafted between 1956-1958 in former West Germany by Carl Zeiss Oberkochen, the renowned optics pioneer credited with first implementing multi-coated lenses for providing superior clarity. Purchased by the Bundeswehr in 1960, the periscope was originally painted military green and mounted (sans tripod) on armored reconnaissance vehicles while the tripod version is believed to have been used in watch towers and other locations in the vicinity of the Berlin Wall and along the Inner German border. Providing surreptitious surveillance, the periscope's use denied those being observed from observing the observer-a common tactic employed by both sides. A graticule in the left eyepiece reveals it is a descendant of the original Scherenfernrohr (or "donkey ears" binoculars), first produced by Zeiss in 1894 and later used extensively during both World Wars to provide accurate azimuth and range estimation for artillery spotting. As the Scherenfenrohr required constant re-adjustment when either of its "ears" were moved, Zeiss perfected the original design after WWII by enshrouding both 50mm objective lenses in a single protective enclosure, ensuring reliable, clear images and continuing the company's penchant for innovation. Twin sets of Abbe-Koenig image erecting prisms and relay lenses provide the same remarkable clarity and perception of depth as they did 50 years ago. With 10x magnification, the eyepieces adjust for interpupillary distance and provide 1/2" eye relief, just like a pair of precision binoculars. The tripod (available in all-aluminum when the original oak tripod is not available) has a built-in level that provides precise balance and adjustment using brass-capped micrometer screws. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. Please call 1-800-227-3528 for details. 7 3/4' H x 36" diameter. (53 lbs.)

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The Cold War Doppelfernrohr.
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