The World's First Inflatable Automobile
The World's First Inflatable Automobile
This is the world’s first automobile that inflates in just two minutes.
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Product Story

This is the world’s first automobile that inflates in just two minutes. The first road dirigible to provide commuters a breath of fresh air, the Pumperplexus AF15 has built-in inflatable panels made with 2,000-denier nylon exteriors that self-inflate at the touch of a button. Once inflated, the car starts with a blast of its horn, allowing you to honk the vehicle to optimal inflation—especially useful for deflating into a tight parking space. With an all-wheel traction system that works in concert with its active steering and responsive control and cornering system, the Pumperplexus AF15 provides a ride-on-air experience.

Its touch-screen dashboard drops down from the ceiling to provide on-board WiFi, GPS, and navigation apps for locating the nearest air compressor station. An integrated hydration station helps you remain refreshed while driving in confident safety, thanks to its front and side airbags that deploy at the slightest provocation from passersby, close-by cars, or stray animals. Its solar-powered battery provides a 500-mile range from a full charge. 10' L x 4' W x 5' H. (1,200 lbs.)

Important Pricing InformationImportant Pricing Information
This item does not have a price
That will cause you to go broke.
It costs you nothing, to be precise;
It all was just a joke.

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