The Dirt Detecting Roomba 780

This is the Roomba 780 that detects heavily soiled areas and allots more time to cleaning these sections. Integrated optical sensors detect areas of high dirt concentration and acoustic sensors determine when the vacuum is working harder to remove detritus, signaling to the Roomba to concentrate on these areas. Made by iRobot, developers of tactical reconnaissance robots for the U.S. military, Roomba 780 analyzes the dimensions of a room, determines the optimal cleaning path, and navigates autonomously to clean a floor in a thorough, back-and-forth pattern. Roomba uses sensors to identify and circumvent furniture and stairs and it differentiates between soft barriers like bed skirts and hard surfaces like walls, allowing it to clean under beds and along walls. The cleaning head automatically adjusts to accommodate carpets or hard floors and dual HEPA filters capture dirt particles as fine as 0.3 microns. Includes an additional filter, remote control, and three additional cleaning brushes. Only available for delivery in the U.S. and Canada. 14" Diam x 3 1/2" H. (8 2/3 lbs.)





AeroVac Series 2 Bin: Employs a powerful vacuum to vigorously pull debris and hair off brushes into the bin. An efficient single-chamber bin fills evenly and holds more debris than previous Roomba series

Dirt Detect Series 2: Uses optical and acoustic sensors to find dirt and debris, performing concentrated cleaning in the dirtiest areas and ensuring the whole floor is clean

Persistent Pass Cleaning Method: Employs a back and forth cleaning pattern to apply elbow grease in areas where it senses excessive dirt

Extended-Life Power Management: Uses sophisticated power management software to deliver up to 50% longer battery life than previous Roomba generations, ensuring hundreds of cleaning cycles under proper use

Advanced Cleaning Head: Designed with pet owners in mind, the new cleaning head provides superior performance for picking up pet hair, dirt, dust, allergens and more

Dual HEPA Air Filters: Capture dust particles as fine as 0.3 microns, limiting the recirculation of fine particles and leaving fresher, healthier air behind

Molded Soft-Touch Bumper: Cushions the contact made between Roomba and walls, furniture and other objects, protecting household items while it cleans

On-Board Scheduling: Cleans when it's convenient for you, up to 7 times per week

Carrying Handle: Includes a recessed carrying handle for easy one-handed transport

Touchpad Control: Eliminates buttons, giving you control at the touch of your fingertips

Full Bin Indicator: Lets you know when the bin is full and needs to be emptied


  • iRobot Roomba
  • Rechargeable Battery with Extended-Life Power Management
  • Battery Charger
  • Compact Self-Charging Home Base
  • Two Virtual Wall Lighthouses
  • One Extra Filter
  • One Extra Bristle Brush
  • One Extra Flexible Brush
  • One Extra Side Brush
  • Two Brush Cleaning Tools
  • Remote Control
  • Instructional DVD

Lifetime Guarantee

The Dirt Detecting Roomba 780 comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return your Hammacher Schlemmer purchase for exchange, credit, or refund.

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The Dirt Detecting Roomba 780
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