Sales Tax

Due to a 2018 US Supreme Court decision, Hammacher Schlemmer collects sales tax for all states that have sales tax. The sales tax calculated during checkout is an estimate, and may vary when your order is processed. Please note that all companies that sell over the web are similarly required to collect sales tax. If tax was not collected on your purchase, the fact that you purchased over the internet or by catalog, telephone, or other remote means does not exempt your order from use tax in the state or US territory where you live. You may be required to pay use tax (when the sales tax is not collected by the retailer). Please check your state's laws regarding your use tax obligations. Details on tax reporting can be found on the websites of your respective taxing authorities. We will continue to monitor and update our tax policies as these laws change. We value you as a Hammacher Schlemmer customer and truly hope that our following the law and collecting sales tax does not affect your loyalty to Hammacher Schlemmer.

Notice for Alabama customers — Simplified Sellers Use Tax Information

The State of Alabama simplified seller use tax program (SSUT) allows eligible sellers to collect, report and remit a flat eight percent (8%) sellers use tax on all sales made into Alabama. On sales delivered into Alabama, we collect simplified sellers use tax (SSUT), and the tax will be remitted on customers’ behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue. Hammacher Schlemmer & Co., Inc. program account number is SSU-R010139857