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    Explore the latest tech gadgets from Hammacher Schlemmer’s range of electronics.

    Communicate easily with electronic gadgets like ‘The Two Way Live Conversation Speaking Translator,’ which verbally translates 12 languages without internet connectivity.

    Control outbursts with ‘The Temper Temperer’ – a new gadget placed over the mouth. Its special sound muffling qualities help you minimize any verbal flare-ups during public or private events.

    Helping you preserve memories - one of our newest tech gadgets, ‘The Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault,’ is a pocket-sized digital storage device thatand plugs into a smartphone’s or tablet’‘s charging port and automatically archives photos using a free app.

    Plan your day with ‘The Superior Projection Clock’ that displays time, day of the week, indoor and outdoor temperatures on a wall or ceiling.