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    Illuminate your space with home lighting essentials from Hammacher Schlemmer’s catalog. Explore lighting options like unique desk lamps, floor reading lamps, and LED floor lamps.

    Experience ‘The Brightest Cordless Motion Activated Light,’ a unique weatherproof light that illuminates porches, decks, or patios with LEDs that are twice as bright as standard models. Use the ‘The Five Mile Flashlight’ to navigate through the dark with a high output LED light that's easily visible.

    Decorate effortlessly for occasions with a festive glow from our ‘Holiday Illuminated Sheers,’ visible both indoors and outdoors.

    Book lovers can now continue reading without straining their eyes with our reading lamps – The Eyestrain Reducing Variable Color Reading Lamp, The Precise Intensity LED Table Lamp and our cordless lamps - The Cordless Reading Lamp and The Cordless Desk Lamp