The Hydrotherapy Heated Foot Bath

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This is the heated spa tub that pampers sore feet and calves with a relaxing reflexology massage.
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Lifetime Guarantee

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Product Story

This is the heated spa tub that pampers sore feet and calves with a relaxing reflexology massage. While two powerful water jets and circulation-boosting red light soothe each foot, four textured rollers apply gentle pressure to the soles and heels, helping to soften skin, loosen stiff muscles, and melt away pain. Unlike lesser devices that require users to move the rollers with their feet, this unit’s motorized rollers allow complete relaxation without any exertion. The deep, 5 1/4-gallon tub submerges legs well above the ankle, ensuring the Achilles tendon and calf muscles are treated. The preferred heat level (95° F-116° F), massage roller speed, and treatment duration (10-60 minutes) are easily selected from the LCD control panel, and the spa, massage, and red light can be used alone or in any combination. The tub rolls on casters and has a pull handle for convenient use anywhere in the home. A built-in hose allows easy emptying. Plugs into AC. Not for use with pacemakers. 14 1/2" H x 16" W x 18" D. (15 lbs.)

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews 3.9 (141 Reviews)
Not for use with pacemakers.
Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Can you use this item with Epsom salts?

Yes, but the unit should be cleaned immediately after use with any additives to maintain the filter and prevent blockage in the system.

May this item be used following surgery?

You should consult with your doctor to determine if a heated foot spa is acceptable or beneficial for use following your treatment.

May this item be stored in the restroom?

This item may be stored in a restroom, so long as proper guidelines are followed, and the exterior of the product and its electrical components are kept dry.