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August 28, 2022

The Dog (And Cat) Days of August

The Dog (And Cat) Days of August  

From a faithful four-legged friend to fur babies and granddoggies, many of us feel our pets are true family members. To celebrate the warm connection between humans and their dogs and cats as summer winds down, we invite you to explore these suggestions from Hammacher Schlemmer that will give your pet the extra comfort he or she deserves.

Dogs love to play in the water on a hot summer day. Unlike thin-skinned kiddie pools,The Canine Splash Pool is made from heavy-gauge PVC material that can withstand a dog’s rough paws and sharp claws. Tiny perforations along the sides of the splash pad project plumes of water into the air—showering any pet that ventures onto the mat.

The Pet’s Cordless Filtered Water Fountain helps keep dogs and cats properly hydrated in the heat of summer. It filters and circulates water to entice pets to drink more often. The fountain includes a skimmer to capture large particles like pet hair. It is also made of food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe!

When pets come inside to spend more time with their owners, we recommend The Non-Slip Furniture Protecting Pet Covers . Made from plush, deep-pile velvet, these covers guard your chairs and sofas against fur, scratches, moisture, and other pet messes.

Even though indoor cats may not get out and enjoy the warm weather as much as their canine counterparts, that's no reason to exclude them from enjoying some fun and entertaining gifts. Products such as The Award Winning Cat String Toy and The Cat's Flopping Fish Toy are uniquely designed to entertain felines by activating their instinct to chase, pounce, and hunt.

Recent statistics show 37% of U.S. households have at least one dog and 30% have one or more cats. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy these unique gifts of unconditional love, show your pet a little extra care and break out a special treat for your favorite furry friend.