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March 7, 2023

What If Your Garden Could Tend Itself?

What If Your Garden Could Tend Itself? 

Among the best things about spring is planning and planting a beautiful, bountiful garden. Among the worst things about a garden is the burden of extra chores it adds to the day.
We say, why not let the gardening equipment do some of the work for you? Each of the unique products below takes time and effort out of tending a garden, giving you more time to relax and enjoy. They also save time finding the perfect Mother's/Father's Day gift for a plant-loving parent.

The Lightweight Cordless Power Weeder/Tiller lets gardeners quickly and effortlessly weed and cultivate flower beds without back strain or uncomfortable kneeling. Requiring far less muscle than a garden hoe or unwieldy powered tillers, this cordless, lightweight garden tool squeezes between tightly planted rows and reaches the back of raised beds with one-handed ease. Its battery provides a full hour of power, more than enough time for weeding a small plot.

Few things frustrate a gardener more than a shovel caught in a tangle of tree roots. The Root Cutting Serrated Shovelr slices through soil, roots, and overgrown weeds like a knife through butter. Its 16 patented double-edged serrated blades enable easy digging, chopping, and uprooting with one easy-to-use tool. Made from industrial grade carbon steel, it will serve as a gardener's trusty digging tool for years.

Lawn sprinklers come in so many different sizes, styles, and prices, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one to buy. Let The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute save you from the hassle of comparison shopping. In their side-by-side evaluations of leading sprinklers, this model was named The Best Lawn Sprinkler because it watered the largest area, which means less time spent by you moving it around. It’s the easiest to connect, thanks to a specially designed adapter that attaches to a hose and simply plugs into the sprinkler, eliminating tedious twisting. It also features a mechanical timer that automatically turns it off after five minutes to two hours of watering.

Spending time among the sights, sounds, and scents of a garden can reduce stress and promote relaxation. Add these unique gifts to your tool shed and get the most out of your green oasis…and your summer.