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October 14, 2021

How Is Hammacher Schlemmer Addressing Supply Chain Problems?

How Is Hammacher Schlemmer Addressing Supply Chain Problems?

No doubt you have heard about the problems customers may face when ordering Christmas gifts this year, a byproduct of the continuing worldwide pandemic.

Today, just as it has been for 173 years, we at Hammacher Schlemmer believe that customer satisfaction is our most important priority. Unfortunately, a lack of raw materials, supply chain disruptions, and an overburdened delivery network are common challenges facing standard on-time gift delivery.

To address these issues, Hammacher Schlemmer has taken the following steps to ensure a happy holiday season.

1. We work with the most reputable manufacturers who are committed to the same level of care and service that we commit to our customers.
2. We have placed inventory orders early to ensure our warehouse items remain in stock and ready to ship to help offset potential delivery delays.
3. We have partnered with a variety of shippers to give us more options for moving our products across the country and avoid bottlenecks.
4. We are using a variety of different ports at which we receive goods to reduce excessive dwell times at certain ports.
5. We are working with a wider variety of home delivery options to ensure that your orders leave our warehouse as promptly as possible.

To help ensure that you receive your orders in the most reasonable time frame, we encourage you to order as early as possible. The sooner we receive your order, the more likely we'll be able to deliver it in time for the holidays. We have a great deal of inventory on hand—the most we have ever had—and we have a good deal more on its way.

While we can't claim to have solved all these problems, we have done our best to improve the chance that our customers receive that special gift in time for the holidays. Your satisfaction is what matters to us most—it's been our driving force for 173 years.