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April 29, 2021

Nature Abhors a Vacuum, But Not a Good Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Recently, we suggested several problem-solving items to help simplify your indoor spring cleaning. Today, we turn our attention outward, with a number of unique products to make outdoor clean-up less of a chore, too.

After the late-winter snows that blanketed much of the nation, your garden, patio, lawn and other exterior areas are more than ready for a spring clean-up. Don’t dread the task: think of it as a way to get longed-for time outdoors. Here, we’ll help make it easier:

Giving your flower beds and garden plot a little TLC now can reap satisfying rewards throughout Spring and Summer in the form of countless colorful blooms and a bountiful crop of homegrown vegetables. Thanks to The Lightweight Cordless Power Weeder/Tiller, you can prepare beds for planting without backbreaking labor or uncomfortable kneeling. It's ideal for digging up small weeds and mixing in mulch and it's lightweight and compact enough for you to easily reach between rows of raised beds.

A top quality garden hose is essential for outdoor cleaning and can save you money by eliminating the need to constantly replace inferior hoses that crack, burst, or leak. But who has the time or patience to comparison shop? The consumer product experts at The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, that's who! They conducted extensive side-by-side evaluations of hoses to determine the one worthy of the title The Best Auto-Expanding/Contracting Hose. This flexible hose has a multi-layer construction for strength, yet contracts to 65% of the size of a normal hose when the water pressure is off.

Out in the yard, bushes and hedgerows are primed for a pruning. This cordless hedge trimmer was judged The Best by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute by virtue of its unmatched cutting performance. It lets you shape hedges up to 12 feet tall and cut branches up to 5/8 inches thick while you stand safely on the ground.

Those with limited mobility or hand strength may prefer this battery-operated electric pruner. Its hardened steel blades easily cut through branches up to 3/4 inches thick while its simple dual-trigger and cushioned handle provide effortless ergonomic comfort for your hands.

If you still need incentive to get your home’s exterior spiffed up for the season, just remember it’s the first impression visitors get. So it behooves you to clean the cobwebs, wash the windows, touch up the trim, and prune the plants. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy nature’s unique gifts of spring.