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April 2, 2021

Controlling Pests Both Inside & Outside

Spring Series: Pest Control

The annual bug season is upon us. These annoying pests can come in many revolting, creepy, and irritating varieties—but one of the most infamous insects of all time is the mosquito. Although there are many fascinating things about the most bothersome pest in the world, the only thing anyone really cares about is how to get rid of them—or at least protect themselves from the blood-sucking creatures.

Hammacher Schlemmer offers multiple solutions to this common problem that plagues mankind every spring and summer.

Blocking these determined pests offer the most gentle approach, as it does not harm the mosquitoes at all. One can seek refuge within The One Door Garage Bug Barrier, an instant screen door that allows breezes to keep you cool while denying mosquitoes access to your person. For the active gardener or outdoors adventurer, we offer mosquito-thwarting apparel such as The Mosquito Blocking Shirt and The Mosquito Blocking Gloves. These items are made with a super-fine mesh material that the insects cannot bite through—keeping you safe without killing or hurting the creatures.

Those who prefer a more aggressive approach may consider The One Acre Environmentally Safe Mosquito Trap, which lures mosquitoes within a one-acre radius by emitting heat, odorless carbon dioxide, and light. When mosquitoes are drawn inside, they become trapped and die of dehydration. For smaller outdoor spaces, variations of this technology are also available in products such as The Half Acre Decorative Mosquito Trap.

When one will not countenance the wearing of nets nor suffer the fixture of a trap in the yard, we offer The Cordless Bug Zapper that eliminates insects the second they come into contact with its 750-volt charge. And just in case a mosquito (or other creepy crawly) makes its way into your home, The Best Bug Vacuum allows you to slay the pests without making a mess.

In addition to fighting the insects—you can also work to try and control their population around your home by eliminating sources of standing water. Common breeding grounds may include fixtures such as birdbaths or empty flower pots that capture rainwater. However, it is imperative to be mindful of other standing water sources such as clogged gutters, kids toys, and outdoor pet bowls—all of which provide a potential mosquito breeding spot.

We have many more products to protect you from itchy mosquito bites and other insects that might “bug” you. You deserve to enjoy the summer in peace. Don’t let pests ruin it.