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February 12, 2023

Putting the “Super” in Sunday

Putting the ?Super? in Sunday  

For most Americans, the Super Bowl represents a national celebration as much as a football game. It’s estimated that on Super Sunday we will host 43 million parties, munch a billion chicken wings, and guzzle 325 million gallons of beer. Whether you are a fervent football fan or tune in just for the pageantry of the halftime show or the big-budget commercials, we have some helpful items to enhance your Super Bowl experience.

The Indoor/Outdoor Illuminated NFL Clock tells the time with exquisite accuracy as it tells the world which NFL team is your all-time favorite. This atomic clock’s analog face features your team’s logo surrounded by Roman numerals and standard minute and hour hands. It synchronizes with the atomic radio clock for best-in-class timekeeping and has light sensing LEDs that automatically turn on when daylight dims. The 5' NFL Illuminated Floor Lamp enlightens as to where your NFL loyalty lies via a four-sided, full-length fabric shade that displays a team’s logo, football helmet, and the year they joined the NFL.

A Super Bowl party can burn through ice cubes faster than an offense burns through its timeouts during a two-minute drill. Make sure there’s plenty of ice for thirsty guests with The Countertop Ice Maker that produces nearly 2 lbs. of conical-shaped cubes per hour. This unit also received praise from Hammacher Schlemmer Institute Analysts for its ability to quick-freeze a batch of clear, well-formed cubes in under 10 minutes.

With dropped passes, fumbles, and unsportsmanlike conduct, watching the Big Game (or hosting the Big Party) can be like riding an emotional roller coaster. The Wearable Anxiety Reducer is a handy breathing tool that helps you dial down stress in as little as one minute. Resembling a dog whistle, its simple yet unique design encourages you to slow your breathing which helps you maintain a calm and relaxed demeanor. At least until the next blown play.

So, pull up a comfy chair and get the snacks and beverages ready, kick-off time is almost here! No matter the outcome of the game, these unique items will help ensure that your “Super” Sunday lives up to the hype.